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About us

Our History

s24Business Group(Pty)Ltd is a hub to some of Africa’s fastest growing innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Conceived in 1994 as a Research and Communications Company,to date, the Group has gone on to grow a  successful portfolio of differentiated but complementary businesses ranging from Advisory Services, Engineering & Development Consultancy; Education, Training and Development, Research for Investment, Hospitality and Food, including Logistics & Travel. Our core business is however, training, research and consulting. Our Corporate training programmes are run under  Henwood Colleges, SA, a subsidiary of s24Business Group (Pty) Ltd. Across its subsidiaries,  s24Business Group works with more than 80 associates, in 6 countries around the world with offices in South Africa, Namibia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Propelled by the desire to create a consolidated synergistic ‘value proposition’, the Group seeks to embed this philosophy into its operations as resembled by the image below:
Our Business Model

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value (economic, social, cultural, or other forms of value). s24Business Group subsidiaries work in partnerships firstly within the Group and then with external partners to create, deliver and capture value as required by the various customer segments we serve. Over the years, our various enterprises we have excelled in leveraging resources and expertise from our associates around the world in the form of skills, knowledge, and operational expertise from a range of industries to build exciting and successful companies.

s24Business Group is one big family rather than a hierarchical structure. Enterprises run independent but aligned projects which are firmly supported by the Group‘s Head Office. Solutions to problems are often sourced from within the Group and together we have formed what is now known as the “fountain of solutions” that clients can always draw from.

In addition to leveraging resources, the benefits of working in this model are that it ensures that there is consistent adherence to standards across the group and that each subsidiary is committed to advancing the core business of the Group.

Our Business Philosophy

Grounded in the “can-do attitude” and the belief that, “if it aint impossible we aint doing it” the group believes in dreaming big thus we take on projects that are bigger and beyond what we think of or ask for. We strive to achieve this by firstly believing that “Nothing is impossible with God” and we let this belief permeate our operations by empowering our partners/associates to continually deliver while our clients continue to expect an unbeatable customer experience in whatever business we do. Because we strongly believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


Transforming individuals and organisations to higher performance.